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Government : low taxes, pro development

Fairbanks Borough Assembly
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Fairbanks Borough Assembly Photo credit: Larysa Bezaire

The Fairbanks North Star Borough
The City of Fairbanks, Fairbanks North Star Borough, and State of Alaska have no personal income or sales tax. Property taxes are comparable or less than many equivalent communities in “lower 48.” The Fairbanks North Star Borough has more information on assessing owner's property tax.

Government Structure
The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) is governed by an nine-member assembly and an elected Mayor. The City of Fairbanks has a Mayor/Council form of government, run by an elected full-time mayor and six council members. The City of North Pole is governed by a strong mayor and six council members.

State and local government officials support development, because they recognize the importance of broadening Alaska's economic base. The local legislative delegation, consisting of three senators (out of 20) and five representatives (out of 40), provides important leadership in a Legislature which is predominantly pro-development.

Low Corporate income tax
Sole proprietors, partnerships, and S corps do not pay a corporate income tax. The following link takes you to a form with the tax rate schedule on it (p. 3). Basically regular C type corporations pay a graduated tax (corporate income tax) with the highest rate being 9.4% on $90,000 or more net profit off of the federal tax return.

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